5 Ways to speed up your WordPress in November

Does your site take more than 3 seconds to load?

If so, you could be losing hundreds of visitors a month and Google won’t like a slow loading website either as that one of the big SEO factors affecting search results. 
Follow these 5 speed upgrades below to get your site to load faster and keep your users and Google happy.~

1. Upgrade to the latest Version of WordPress
Not running the latest version of website will slow down your site, limit functionality, user experience and can expose security vulnerabilities to your website.

2. Compress your website with GZIP
GZIP compression, zips pages on a web server before the page is sent to a visitor. It saves bandwidth and increases the loading speed of the page significantly. Go to gzip.org and install – its free!



3. Use a Caching Plugin
A great way to reduce page loading speed is to use a plugin that is easy to install and works well like W3 Total Cache

4. Large images is one of the major factors of a slow website

Not reducing the file size and uploading a 4000 pixel photo is easily done
There are plenty of image optimise solutions out there, we would recommend one of the best solutions WP Smush

5. Reduce the number of plugins running

Plugins can be great for functionality if they are chosen correctly and you don’t have too many.
Check they are up to date and don’t use too many.

Get up to speed now and implement the 5 upgrades above – your website will run noticeably faster immediately.