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The B2B Incound Marketing Purchase Cycle for Products And Services

New visitors to your website have a need for a product or service. They are looking for unbiased information about a problem that needs to be solved. It’s essential to provide valuable content for your niche that answers your visitor’s questions – not a sales pitch.

Top of funnel content includes:
• FAQs
• Downloadable Guides
• Industry Reports
• Educational Blog Posts


With a clearly defined need for your product or service, you can move your buyer along the purchase funnel with timely content. The user is interested in technical definitions and specific content. They will be looking at your competition, so your content has to be perfect.

Middle of funnel content includes:
• Checklists
• Online Q&A’s
• Worksheets
• Generic Case Studies

The user is educated enough to now make an informed decision about the market. Now you can talk about your company, your experience and your successes. Automation systems can nurture your leads and give each lead a score, so you know the optimum time to contact them.

Bottom of funnel content includes:
• Client Case Studies Download
• Preview a demo
• Book a consultation form
• Get a quote form


Inbound marketing is perfectly suited towards solving the issues mentioned above. It focuses on specific audience types known as Personas and generates specific content to these Personas depending where they are in the purchase funnel.

With Inbound Marketing you want to attract your audience to your website and educate them about your product or service.

You might be solving a problem or answering questions or concerns they might have about your niche.

The aim of your website content is to gain trust with your audience, it is only with trust that you begin to build a relationship and can turn your website visitors into leads that will become customers over time.

Marketing Funnel
Nurturing these leads with carefully crafted content throughout the inbound funnel is a proven methodology to dramatically increase the leads and customers you have.

*Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience as much as a 451% increase in qualified leads.     * 2016. The Annuitas Group

Using marketing automation tools, you can give every lead a quality score and continue your communication with them through the purchase funnel until they are at their optimum time to be converted into a customer.


We achieve success for our clients by using Inbound Marketing strategies that work. Before we start any new project we relentlessly plan and research how to get the best results.

This always comes down to the website and how effective it is. Your website is your most effective marketing tool and it is essential that it’s a fully optimised, lead converting machine.

Everything we do is monitored, trackable and measured. We don’t just set up a strategic campaign or build a content sales funnel and let the campaign run. We test, re test and improve everything until we are satisfied with our results that we have the best-converting processes in place.

We are constantly modifying our strategy for the client’s product or service, crafting an evolving campaign for our clients. We are quick to adapt also and can set up new strategies or ideas fast.

We could be testing what graphics and copy get the best CTR (Click through rate) for social media ads, for each of our Personas, or it could be split testing landing pages for each persona at every stage of the content funnel. We might not be happy with a 2 – 3% download rate of a targeted PDF guide. We will look at the reasons why and change the design or content accordingly.

In short, we never stop analysing data until we are satisfied that we are producing the best-optimised content and running only the most suitable traffic to our client’s website that has the best conversion rates.

It’s only with successful results that we can continue our Inbound Marketing solutions once the client is satisfied by a healthy ROI.

If you would like to find out more about our expertise in Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation Systems, please read our blog or feel free to get in touch on  0800 772 0988