No surprises… content is still king for SEO in November 2021

In 2019, if your website is getting ignored and has stale content, you’re not going to make much progress with your SEO aims.

As with previous years, your website needs constant attention to make it fresh and up to date. It doesn’t need to be much, you can keep an active blog that gets updated once a week. If you have the same homepage text that is unchanged since 2014 (You will be surprised how many sites don’t change homepage text once it’s written) make it relevant and new.

it’s not about stuffing your pages with loaded keywords that suit you and writing copy to please Google. As always, it’s about genuine helpful content that will benefit anyone that is directed to your website from their search query.

You can only create content when you know what your audience is looking for and if your content answers their question or solves their problem. Take your time and spend a few hours researching what you want to say so when users do land on your page they are going to get something from it.

Research your best competition, what have they done and write something better, more useful.

When you have great content, websites will want to link to it and create backlinks (or inbound links) which should be your aim. A backlink is a vote of confidence that the content you have provided is good and worthwhile, it’s easy to say but try and be a thought leader for your industry or area focusing on a specific subject matter within your niche. If you are an accountant you could write a series of blogs for landlords to be more tax efficient and provide genuine, relevant advice to help them.

When everyone else likes your content, (how long they spend on your page reading it, or linking to it) Google will like it too and this will be reflected in the search results.

Obtaining links from great content is called Link Building, with some backlinks being more valuable than others. If you are linked to from a high authority website that is more desirable than being linked to from a low authority website.

To sum up, write fresh, relevant timely content for your business niche and try and be the best in your niche or geographical area for doing it.